Managing Energy with Confidence

We are the Midwest's leading energy and risk management specialists.

IION Energy is providing world-class energy management consulting

With decades of experience in energy procurement, rates, efficiency, and regulations, we help small to large energy brokers throughout the country cut energy costs and improve profits. We are independent consultants who offer you objective advice. Whether you run a small brokerage or a large brokerage operation, IIon Energy can deliver real savings for your customers.

Energy Brokers Benefit From Partnering with IIon Energy

Access to 15 deregulated markets

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Flexible Payment Terms


Innovative Approach


Our Network

Our wide coverage will give you the flexibility to pick and choose markets that you work best in

We'll work with you to get the best payment terms possible

Gain access to over 30 trusted and vetted national suppliers

We deliver best-in-market procurement services with guaranteed savings that's powered by our proprietary technology

Supplier's Benefit From Partnering with IIon Energy

Deal Flow


Minimize Administrative Work

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Supplier Manager

We've developed strong relationships with many energy brokers throughout the industry. Our partnerships will help bring a lot more business to your company.  

Supplier Relationship Manager

Provides support and instantaneous feedback on all aspects of the deal. From Quote to Contract and after, our Supplier Relationship Managers communicates on every little detail from accepted contract to reject contract.  

We shoulder the support demands of working with brokers on a daily basis, decreasing the expenditures in time, money and labor to service their needs.  

All of our Broker Partners are fully vetted and must undergo thorough background checks. 

Trusted Partners

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